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About Wyrhovn


We are located in Oregon, about half way between Portland and Mt. Hood. We have been here since 1979. Our primary business is koi and pond supplies. We also sell original fantasy stoneware clay sculptures.

About the Sculptures

We started out as sculptors, selling in galleries in the Los Angeles area in the late 1960's and early 1970's. In 1972 we began selling at the California Renaissance Pleasure Faires. We continued until 1986, when the watergarden business started to become full time.

The album pages are various sculptures we have built in the past. I am unable to title other than album.


About the Watergardens

We built our pond in 1980. It was a hobby for several years, gradually taking over our lives and becoming a full time business March - September. The rest of the year is by appointment. We sell Koi, koi medications, koi food, beneficial bacteria, pumps, some pond plants, time release fertilizer, pots and in the gallery, bronze sculptures, netsuke, our sculptures and jewelry. For more pictures and information go to the links page.